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My daughter, Shannan, inspired the writing of KsanaKai after a successful operation to remove a brain tumor when she was nineteen years old. I would like to reward Shannan with a trip to Paris  for her courage and "positivity," (as she calls it,) during this difficult ordeal. Her unflinching bravery has been an inspiration to us all. If you love poetry and/or would like to help us raise funds for this trip to France, simply purchase our book! If you've read one or more volumes of Ksana-Kai, please leave a review/ comment on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, et al. Your support is much appreciated Each book tells a compelling story through the use of insightful dialogue and the affective power of poetic imagery. This style of story-telling poetry creates a synergy that intensifies the reader's emotional interactions and makes the characters seem virtually real-- a poetry getaway for your heart! Most KsanaKai volumes are written in English w/ French translation.

Ksana-Kai volume I

Ksana-Kai is the story about a young woman in her late teens who has an ideal life; a loving family, multiple hobbies, and a budding romantic relationship, all of which are suddenly intruded upon by a life-threatening illness. During this turmoil she sends her boyfriend far away to spare him from her calamity. Her journey to restore her life begins after her surgery. This love story is told in English through a series of poetic episodes and is translated into the French language for the French enthusiast. book guide ~ My "cliffnotes" on each poem.



Psyllie: Ksana-Kai volume II

Psyllie- is the story about a haunting dream that came to life and wreaks havoc on Ksana-Kai's life. Psyllie, the ultimate adversary, seems to know every inclination of Kai's heart and mind-- threatening to ruin her relationships with her husband, family, and friends. KsanaKai must answer the question: How do you stop a dream that comes to life and follows you home? This story is told in English through a series of dialogue and poetic episodes and is translated into the French language for the French enthusiast.


Finding Isadora: Ksana-Kai volume III

Finding Isadora- Ksana-Kai seeks to find a long lost friend, Isadora, who recently eye witnessed the brutal murder of her childhood friend, Aurore. Isadora goes on a quest to reconstruct her life after this dramatic upheaval. And she is befriended by several strange acquaintances she meets along the way. Ksana-Kai seeks to help Isadora restore her life before it spins completely out of control. This story is told in English through a series of dialogue and poetic episodes and is translated into the French language for the French enthusiast.

This is the actual letters and poems of Ksana-Kai's real life parents. That is the real life person upon whom the character, Ksana-Kai, is based-- Shannan Jackson. This volume is a special edition in that you will have a candid view of the author's earliest writings as they are told through this love story filled with letters and poems, From Papo To Princess. Journey with Papo as he scrawls his way into the heart of his Princess, Claire Domene, whose name has the poetic meaning, "clear tomorrow." These writings (1989 to 2018) pre-date their marraige through the birth of our heroine, Ksana-Kai. Contains photos. Artwork generously provided by Curtis W. Jackson.
Travels with the Wing is an epic poem of a little girl, Ksana-Kai, awoken by the shadowy silhouette of a giant eagle perched outside her window sill. The bird promises to fly her around the world and share with her sights and wonders the likes of which she could never see in a life time. This enchanting story is an intriguing tour through over 35 worldwide locals. Throughout her perilous journey, she encounters a wide assortment of exotic and endangered species. This delightful poem is best read and narrated to children by an adult-- and is sure to be enjoyed by both. Travels with the Wing contains over 550 poetic stanzas in colorful imaginative rhyme.
In Shadows of the Butterfly, Ksana-Kai goes on a quest to find the roots of her Indian ancestry, which leads her to an ancient island tribe. Inspired by a painting of her Great Aunt, Mary L. Jackson, and some scanty ancestral records, Ksana-Kai bravely searches into unchartered territory, but all is not welcome. There is turmoil on the reservation; a little girl has wandered off into a towne they believe does not have her best interest at heart. And it is this same little girl who may hold the key to what Ksana-Kai has been searching for all along. Shadows of the Butterfly is available now at Amazon.com There are two versions available: without pictures and with photographs.



Papo's Amazing Poetry Odyssey features a variety of the author's works, new and revised. Beautiful imagery and story telling allows the reader to reminisce childhood memories of winters past; visit the French Quarter of New Orleans; let go of dark foggy clouds; discover your true source of serenity; relive your youthful moments of awkward intimacy; find your courage in the face of the gravest setbacks; or feel the fright of visiting that dark gloomy mansion set back on the grassy knoll. This book is a delightful poetic odyssey boldly exploring many realms. Over eighty poems, plus the short story, Should Towne. Enjoy the journey!
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